Learn what drives the decisions I’ll make as your next Seat 8 at-large member of the APS Board of Education

Equitable Policies

Measuring What’s Measurable

When it comes to fostering equity in our schools, equity has become more of a buzzword than anything else. To truly commit to equitable policies means taking stock of what the needs are in every district and every school, then identifying the metrics that appropriately track progress toward the goal of improved outcomes for every Scholar in every District and every School.

Increasing Wraparound Services

Support Scholars & Families

Many of the problems facing our young scholars are deeply ingrained in families and communities. If we have a real commitment to uplifting Every District, Every School, and Every Scholar, we have to understand those needs and provide the academic, behavioral, and social services to help alleviate them. Wraparound services are there to help our children and, ultimately, the entire community thrive.

Rigorous Standards in Curriculum

High-Quality Scholarship

The standards that the Board of Education puts in place are the guideposts for everything that happens in the school system. If we set low standards for our districts and schools, principals, educators, and scholars will have no incentive to unlock the full potential that high-quality scholarship offers. We should have high standards in APS, and those standards mark the path toward improved outcomes.

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